How DOCTZ works


For Patients

Freedom to Choose the Best.
Looking for the best Health Care Professional? Read Reviews before you choose. Our Doctors, Dentists, Psychiatrist and other healthcare professionals are hand selected to be a apart of our community.

Verified Patients Only Please.
Only DOCTZ offers patients information about a Health Care provider and their performance from hundreds of their Actual Patient, not just a few.  

Patients Book Free.
Search for a specialist in your area, fast, easy and free.



For Providers

Doctz Gets You Noticed!
Easy, Fast and Amazing. Our job is to get you noticed and that’s exactly what we do. The results are simply amazing.

Reputation Management
You worked harder than anyone to achieve your level of professionalism and reputation.  Doctz Reputation Management works with you to provide a fair representation of you and your services.

Social? Why of Course We Are!
Referrals are about the social connections we make.  Let the power of the social web bring more attention to you, your team or facility. It’s built-in!

Online Appointments 24x7
Let our automated appointment system help you book your newest patients or your loyal followers.  We’re always here for you.


For Groups

Individual Practitioners and Small Groups
Doctz specializes in small health care providers no matter the specialty. Let us help you increase or maintain your business and thrive!



Groups, Clinics and Hospitals

Our system is specially tuned to work with larger organizations and promote the individual in the group and the group for the individual.


Medical Management Organizations and Accountable Care Organizations.

Let us help you promote your clients and providers along with the reporting means to meet ICD9 and 10 compliance thresholds.


EMR Integration.

Our developer friendly environment makes synchronization into EMRs easy and accurate.  Let us know how we can help you increase the value of your offering.  Our engineering team is really nerdy about this stuff but lives for it.  See how we can integrate your EMR with Doctz.

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