What is Doctz?

Doctz is simply the easiest way to book an appointment with your healthcare provider or locate a specialist with relevant reviews you need to make the best decision for you and your family’s health.  Be Well!


Is Doctz an health insurance company or healthcare provider?

Doctz does not provide healthcare or insurance.  What we help you with is gaining the best possible information about our providers, which services they provide and what other patients believe about the service they received from our Doctz Verified Reviews


Can I use Doctz to book appointments with any Provider in the US?

Soon.  We are geographically targeting areas around the country and the more health care providers know about Doctz, the more we’ll have for you to choose from.  Stay tuned - we’re adding professionals every day.


Can I make an appointment in with my Provider even if they are not listed on Doctz?

Not at this time.  We would encourage you to tell your doctor, acupuncturist or therapist about Doctz.  Once they see you and others are using it regularly they can contact us and we’ll help them start finding patients like you.


Free Appointments? Are the really free for patients?

Absolutely!  Choose your provider and date and time they are available - and book. No cost.


Pre-Paid Appointments? Why would I do this, I have insurance.

Great Question. Some of our providers are either exclusively private pay or require an upfront reservation for the time slot you have requested.  There is no obligation to book an appointment like this and we’d encourage you to search for a provider that meets your needs.


How much will my visit cost?

Every provider has their set price list, reimbursements or contracts with insurance companies.  Please call your provider and discuss this with them in advance of making an appointment.


Hey? No advertising? How does Doctz make money?

The reason we’re so successful is we don’t overwhelm you with unnecessary ads.  The providers are responsible for their account with Doctz.


Has Doctz been translated into other languages?

Yes. We are currently beginning operations in various regions of the world and those functions will soon be available to you here in the United States.



Appointments with Doctz


How do I make an appointment?

●     Find the Provider you like.

●     Choose the Date and Time that is convenient for you

●     Click on the “Book This Appointment” Button.

●     Tell us if you are a New or Returning Patient.

●     And, That’s it.


Confirmation Email: Check your email (junk or spam) for confirmation and a convenient way to add to your calendar.


How do I know which Provider to choose?

Do your homework.  A Provider should meet your expectations and needs if they don’t keep looking.  Here at Doctz we try to give you other patient’s perspective on the provider you are considering.  If you believe they meet your needs - Book and Appointment on Doctz and let us know how they performed for you.


How do I know if a Provider participates in my insurance?

Although we try our best to keep information from each provider up to date - they are ultimately the best source to know if your insurance is accepted by them.. Just give their office a call or your insurance company.


I'm not sure which visit reason to choose. What should I do?

Just tell the provider why you’re making the appointment.  Provide enough detail so they can arrange enough time to take care of your concerns.

IF this is a life threatening or psychiatric emergency - call 911 or go to your nearest hospital.  DO NOT make an appointment.


Can I fill out my paperwork online?

We prefer you do this in the privacy of your provider’s office.  Check out the website of the provider or call their office to see if they will send you the documents in advance of your appointment. Or the provider may offer an EMR (electronic medical record) system that you can access and enter information there - ask your provider.


How do I know that my appointment has really been booked?

A couple ways. 1) You will receive a confirmation notice via email that your appointment has been booked and 2) your provider will ACCEPT the appointment and another confirm email will be sent.  If you have not received either - please call the office of the provider or our support line if needed.


What if my appointment is cancelled or rescheduled by the Provider's office?

You should get either an email or a call from the provider’s office as a courtesy to discuss the reason for the cancellation or reschedule time.


Can I call Doctz to book my appointments over the phone?

Yes if you’re experiencing difficulty with making an appointment - please do give us a call.  Otherwise call the provider’s office you see on their profile or book right online.


Where can I find the Provider's phone number?

Simply look under the LOCATIONS TAB on the profile.


My Doctz Account


How do I sign in?

●     Click on www.doctz.com

●     LOGIN is located in the Top Right corner of our web site

●     Type your email and password

●     Then click on Sign In.


What if I need to cancel or reschedule an appointment?

●     Log in to your account

●     On the left side of the screen locate APPOINTMENTS

●     Select the appointment you need to cancel and click.

●     Or call your provider’s office.


It says my account is locked. How do I unlock it?

You will have to request this from our support.  Please contact us at contact@doctz.com and let us know how we can help.


What should I do if it says my email is already used?

Contact us immediately if you believe this is not correct.


I forgot my password – how can I reset it?

●     Click on www.doctz.com

●     LOGIN is located in the Top Right corner of our web site

●     Click on the FORGOT PASSWORD after you and we’ll resend and reset that right away.


How do I see my past Providers and past appointments?

●     Click on www.doctz.com

●     LOGIN is located in the Top Right corner of our web site

●     Enter your email and password.

●     ON the LEFT of your Dashboard - you will see an APPOINTMENTS TAB.

○     Click on this and you will see all your appointments, current and past.


Can I trust Doctz with my information?

We use industry leading security and protocols and also don’t ask for highly sensitive information.  Just the basics so we can help you get connected with your provider, make an appointment, fast and easy.


Doctz Verified Reviews


Can I write a review about my Health Care Provider.

Absolutely if you are a verified patient of the provider on Doctz. 


There are other sites that review health care providers, what’s so special about Doctz's reviews?

All the Providers on Doctz take an active approach to managing their practice and really do want your feedback.  Please consider that any professional who asks, “How did I do FOR YOU,“ or “Please provide feedback on my service” is an indication that this person is engaged, interested in improving their service, and shows their concern about how satisfied you actually were with the appointment you just had.


How do I review my Provider?

Make an appointment with your provider on Doctz.  Once the appointment is complete, you will invited by email to provide your comments and experience. Simple, easy.


What am I allowed to so say when I review my Provider?

Please use Doctz to effectively communicate the experience you had with the provider after your appointment.  We encourage well thought out comments that are useful to the provider and other potential patients.


How do I write a Review?

Although we can’t tell you how to write the review - here are some suggestions to help construct a nice review.


●     Describe the the experience withe provider and how you feel they treated you.

●     The overall experience of the office staff and service.

●     If you’d use this provider again

●     What you think they could do to improve the service or another patient’s experience.

●     Was it easy to get in and out of your appointment?

●     Was the office clean, nice or in a good area?


Do you only post positive reviews?

We post all reviews as long as they are respectful and constructive.  Holding back reviews that are “less than positive” does not help you, future patients or the provider. Doctz is a feedback system to the provider so they can do better next time or take corrective steps.


Why hasn't my Review been posted yet?

There may be a few reasons but the most common are:  1) We individually review each one personally.  This takes time but we’ll get to yours shortly.  2) There may be a reason that the review did not comply with our quality standard and we’ll be in touch with you to discuss.

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