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Sometime around 2007... experts in enterprise level applications and technology were constantly being out-spent by larger competitors with superior marketing resources and lots of money.
In the information technology business - where competition grows daily - the team recognized the need to stand out from everyone else. Advertising costs were increasing rapidly and his competition willing to outspend everyone. They felt they might be squeezed out of opportunities to market the business effectively.
Putting their beliefs, experience and knowledge of technology together - they created a mash-up that helped their firm get noticed during one of the worst times in recent economic downturns (2007-2009) which was complemented by traditional cost-per-click advertising. And it worked! In 2010, they applied the same principles to a doctor who was beginning a new medical practice and again saw the same amazing results. With careful planning, consistency and follow-through that practice achieved a full-time panel in about 22 months without acquiring a practice or spending outrages marketing fees.  After 4 years in business she brought on an associate partner who then received the benefit of her excess panel and he also began applying the principles developed at Doctz.
Doctz is a committed team of business professionals who understand that no matter the size of your company, every dollar matters. Doctz gives you an excellent platform to market your healthcare services and allows you to spend what your team considers appropriate for your business.
We leverage and balance technology with education that helps healthcare professionals achieve visibility and consistency for less cost.
We look forward to helping your practice thrive!
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